Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Potomac

Potomac Ways and Means 

specialty ways and means

Logos are shown below.  Other designs are available

This is Design 1
This rendition of our club logo artwork (above) has proven to be a favorite.
With a charm that can’t be denied, it makes a wonderful choice for embroidery
Logo Designs:

Classic corgis2.jpg (107437 bytes)


New Products always coming—Look for Ways and Means at all PWCCP functions!  Suggestions for new items, new designs and Special Orders welcome!

Contact Carol Schwartz for current prices:

410-876-3935 or 410-236-2034

To order any of the items offered by Potomac Ways and Means, contact Carol Schwartz, 2687 Sandymount Road, Finksburg, MD 21048, email:
phone 410-876-3935 or 410-236-2034.
Remember: Shipping is an extra charge, depending upon where you live.