Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Potomac

August 17.2019 Rescue Picnic
Johnsville Ruritan Club
11100 Clover Drive, Union Bridge, MD 21791
Chairs: Kathy Kelly and Stephon Collins
August 30, 2019 FastCAT
Gamber Volunteer Fire Department Carnival Grounds Finksburg, MD
Chair: Carol Schwartz
Co-Chair: Sherrie Biernacki

Two Tests Same Day

See links below to our Event Secretary, Ching-Yao YU, Sugar Loaf Mountain Racing web site where Premium Lists will be posted as soon as they are available and the online payment page on the same site.

You may download the Premium List from the Premium Lists page in order to mail your entries, but the Event Secretary recommends online payment with emailed entries for quicker confirmation.

Instructions from the Sugar Loaf Mountain Racing Web Site are to go to the payment page and click on the PWCCP logo and select the trials that you want to enter.  When you check out with a valid credit card, an email with instant trial confirmation will be sent to you.  You will then download the premium, fill it out completely and sign, and email the signed entry form back to the trial secretary to complete your entries.

Sugar Loaf Mountain Payment Page
Sugar Loaf Mountain Premium Lists Page

December - date TBA Holiday Dinner
General Membership Meeting
April 15-17, 2020 Back-to-Back Specialty Shows, Obendience and Rally Trials
Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center in Gettysburg, PA
Molly Forbes (KEEPSAKE) Puppy/Veteran Sweepstakes, Altered Classes
Simon Parsons (OREGONIAN/DEAVITTE) Friday, April 17
Gayle Garvin (GARVINS) Thursday, April 16
Cheryl Pratt Obedience/Rally
Chair: Shawn Michael
Co-Chair: Jen Crivelli
April 21-23, 2021 Specialty Show, Obedience and Rally Trials
Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center in Gettysburg, PA
Karen Fruhmann (BRUMBAER) Sweepstakes, Altered
John Burgess (BRECONMOHR) Breed
Elizabeth (Tibby) Chase Obedience/Rally
Chair: Jen Crivelli