Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Potomac

Big Red

My name is Sandi Shilling -Daniels. I live in Chester County PA with my husband and three loud and fun corgi's - Katie, Haily and Jack.

Last Sept I took all my dogs for a walk - it was a bright beautiful day and we all had a fantastic walk. Later in the afternoon I noticed something was very wrong with my 9 year old corgi Jack. Off to the emergency vet we went. On that afternoon I lost my beautiful boy suddenly to cancer.

About two weeks later someone called me who knew of a corgi who really needed to be rescued - he belonged to a young couple with four very young children. Long story short , they did not have the time to put into this dog. I was told that the husband was very against surrounding this dog to a rescue.

So I called the owner --- I explained who I was, I told him I had corgi's for over 35 years, I had a fenced yard, lived in the country and taught dog agility classes full time - I told him that I had fostered corgi's in the past for corgi rescue. I went on to explain how the rescue worked and all the great things the rescue did for corgi dogs. I also explained that I had just lost a dog (who had been a rescue) and was not really thinking about adopting another dog just yet but I might be interested. I told him that I needed to talk to my husband and we agreed I would call him back the next day. I then asked what was the name of his dog and he told me "Jac".

That evening I approached my husband, Richard, about Jac. Richard told me very quickly that I was out of my mind ....but he did start to come around, especially when I told him the dogs name.

So the next morning I talked to the owner again and I told him that I was interested in his Jac -- I told him that I would give his dog a few months of living with me - the dog would have to get along with the two female corgi's I owned if he was to stay. If it was not working out, I would foster Jac for corgi rescue for as long as it took to find him the perfect home. The owner agreed.

A week later, off I went with my husband and my older corgi Katie to meet Jac.
Jac was in a x-pen in a back room -- red and white corgi dog- - leaping off all sides of the pen and the walls. This dog could leap 3 to 4 feet in the air. My initial thought was..."this is the biggest corgi I have ever seen" -- I placed a tug toy over the pen wall, he grabbed and almost yanked me in. We introduced him to Katie and all was good except he had no doggie manners -- I knew that could be fixed.

So home he came --- first thing was a bath followed by a nice walk. He was out of his mind with excitement. The girls worked him very hard for months on much needed manner lessons. It took two months for him to fall asleep outside of his crate. My impression of the dog was that he was so thankful to be part of a household and a pac of dogs.

I called the old owner on Thanksgiving to tell him I was going to keep the dog -- I explained that we could not call him Jac...but had changed his name to Big Red. The owner could not have been more thrilled.

I miss my dog Jack terribly, he died so suddenly it was very hard on my husband and I .But I have learned that sometimes one door closes and another door opens - always keep your heart open.

Hug your fur family,

Sandi Shilling-Daniels