Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Potomac


Ollie came from the Humane Society in Easton where he was found roaming the streets. He was overweight and had trouble walking and the Humane Society asked for help. He was believed to be about 8 yrs old. John and Lisa picked him up and he became a permanent member of their family very quickly. Ollie learned to LOVE car rides especially when they involved going to the “Magic Window” where fries come from. Ollie soon became a healthy weight with the green bean diet and exercise but continued to have back and leg issues. Many at the club saw Ollie tooling around club events in his wagon or at the herding event . He enjoyed attention and snuggles and had a surprising bark. Ollie went to the bridge in November of 2012. They believe he was 14. His endless joy still haunts their house.